Электроды для сварки трудносвариваемых и разнородных сталей 299 HD

Features and Applications

  • It is also used for joining difficult-to-weld steels ,building thick machine parts, bridge building materials, low and high alloyed structural steels, cast steels, roller presses, extruder screws, cuppling boxes and sleeves, joining mechanically welded parts and coating turbine components, seats of super heater steam valves and heat exchangers, etc
  • Rutile electrode with high deposition rate containing 29 9 Cr-Ni-Cobalt. Suitable for joining and build up welding of materials which have tendency to cracking due to their high tensile strength
Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength (N/mm²) Elongation ((Lo=5do) (%)) Hardness (as welded) (HB)
790 — 830 min. 20 220 -300
Current Type
  • DC(+)
  • AC
Operating Data
Product Code Diametré x Length (mm) Diameter x Length (inch) Package Weight (Kg) Welding Current (A) Weight g / 100 pcs
3030100030 Ø3.2 x 350 Ø1/8 x 14 5 100 — 160 5250
3030100031 Ø4.0 x 350 Ø5/32 x 14 5 140 — 200 7900